The Skin I’m In

     To steal a great line: I’m not really getting older, but this body seems to be showing its mileage – and there’s been a lot of that. (It’s a good thing 21st century medical science has achieved such triumphs!)
     One fact that didn’t make it into the song – my kids are more likely to tickle me these days than the other way around.


The Skin I’m In     C     ©2005 Dave Hadfield


The skin I’m in ain’t skin-tight, the way it used to be.

The shape I’m in ain’t shapely, and that is plain to see.

My teeth are not quite toothsome – I’m blind as I can be.

But I can drink a lot more now than I could at 16.


No one could ever say I haven’t learned a thing or two.

I know where my kids tickle most,

And what brings a smile to you.


I used to run just like the wind but now I’m winded first.

I used to eat hot peppers, and never worry if I’d burst.

I had no hair upon my ears, and nothing from my nose.

Now there, and on my eyebrows, is the only place it grows.




And the pills and the gels and the supplements multiply on the shelf.

And the bills and the debts and the payments overwhelm my shrinking wealth.

There seems to be some subsidy I have yet to collect,

But I know what I protect….


My knees and shoulders never used to make that “clicking” noise.

I used to stay out after 10 when drinking with the boys.

I listened to rock music, I never took a nap,

But I’m better now at sorting out the priceless from the crap.


[chorus, and repeat last 2 lines, and end]


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