I Sing to my Daughter

Nothing lasts, least of all childhood. But as we wander through the cycles of life, most of us see that love, and the powerful relationship between a parent and child, endures as long as anything.


I Sing to My Daughter  (capo 3 to C)   132     ©2004 Dave Hadfield

  A                                      G             A

I sing to my daughter; oh I sing to thee.

          G                 A                       G                   A

Your mother has laid your head down now to sleep.

        A                                G               A

You rock in the cradle, a wonder to see.

              G                A                       G                A

There’s no place in this world that I’d rather be.


        F#m     D       A                         

And there’s not a line on your face.

F#m D     A                E

Not yet a dream or a trace,

        F#m  D                  A                    F#m

Of a care; nothing but blankets and lace,

D          A            E

Only a future to share….


I sing to my daughter; I sing as you grow.

I tell you such stories as make your eyes glow.

The princess, the dragon, the castle, the knight,

And way past your bedtime I turn out the light.


You run and you play and you climb upon trees.

And it’s “don’t use your fingers” and “thank you”, and “please”

And we wipe away tears and we bandage your knees,

And try to keep you within sight….


I sing to my daughter so tall now and fair,

With blue eyes that sparkle and long flowing hair.

You’re out in the evening – I try to look stern,

But no more can I teach the things you must learn.


Away from the house and away from the yard,

A city, a college, and sometimes it hard

To become all you can; be all that you are,

And bring out the courage to dare.


                      [Short instr]


I sing to my daughter; you long since have grown.

You come to my door now with babes of your own.

There are cares in your face – lines in your smile.

But a chance to put such things aside for a while.


 I put on the kettle and pour us some tea,

And we talk of the children and what they might be

And I smile as you tell me of what you have seen.

The long road of many a mile….


I sing to my daughter….   I sing to my daughter….   I sing….






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