In Canada (song lyrics and chords)

In answer to a number of requests, here is the In Canada song. It was launched on July 01 2014 (Canada Day!), and had 1M hits on YouTube alone in 3 days. And each year on that date, it refreshes!
Here is the Music Video.

In Canada        (capo up 4 to B, finger in G)     90bpm
©2012 by Dave Hadfield

Canada… what’s with Canada…                                      G    C[walkdown to]D

We’ve got great big cities, but a lot of trees and rocks            G  C-D
Yeah, the winter’s cold here – wear two pairs of socks         G  C-D
There’s half the world’s fresh water, to paddle your canoe   G  C-D
Camp along the shoreline, it’s what we like to do.                 G  C-D
In Canada…                                                                                   G  C-D

Livin in
Float my boat in
Bait my hook in

We tend to do things different, we each have our routine 
Some of us eat kubassa, some of us, poutine                       
But we have traditions, that help us stick together  
Our milk comes in a bag, mosquitos eat at leisure.
Playing in a snowsuit, True North Strong and Free             Em   Bm
Hockey Night on Saturday, there on CBC,                            Am  D
In Canada…                                                                               G  C-D

Center-ice in
He shoots – he scores in
You’re a player in

We pronounce the letter R like we’re pirates on a ship
We’ll drive two thousand miles, on a summer camping trip.
We wear Sorels in winter, while plugging in the car
We eat the holes from donuts, we love Nanaimo bars.
And we do possess a word that lubricates our speech:
…“It’s pretty good, eh” … and it’s always within reach,
In Canada…

How’s it goin’ in
Out and about in
Drop your G in

I’ve slept out in the forest, scared I heard a bear.                  C  D                  [bridge]
I’ve climbed a Rocky Mountain, just because it’s there,         C  D
Crossed the great St Lawrence, said “Merci beaucoup”,       C  D             
Pardon me; I’m sorry; excuse me; after you,                        Am[walk up] D
In Canada…                 

Politely in
Line-up here in
You don’t butt-in, in Canada

Every city empties on the 24th of May.
If we say “Not bad!”, we’re better than OK,
There’s workman’s comp and pogie, for when we’re shown the door.
There’s Canadian Tire money, in at least one kitchen drawer
And we have a golden rule that runs between these shores:
You stay out of my face, I’ll stay out of yours…
In Canada…

Get along in
Kissed the cod in
The Friendly Giant in

Oh………. Canada…   [end]

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