On Track

    There is a certain freedom that comes with blasting off from a big airport, setting your course northwards, and flying over the pole to China. Almost no facilities exist up there, alternate airports are extremely scarce, your connection with the world is easily disrupted by sunpots and solar storms, and you fly for hour after hour and never see or hear another airplane.

     That is liberating in a certain way. The airline gives you a B-777, assigns you a crew, and you sort out the flight plan and other details, and then launch for the other side of the world. You’re on your own. You’re committed. You’re on track.

      In fact the world shrinks. You find yourself not buying that needed flashlight at home because you’ll be in Beijing in 2 days and you can buy it cheaper there.

     But no one wants to stay in those far-away places when a happy home exists…



On Track                     D       DADGAD      150  ©2014 Dave Hadfield


Climbin’ away to westward, climbin’ away from the pack,
The Sun goes down in an endless sky, fadin’ from blue to black,
The gathering stars behind me
The shadow of Earth below,
Kickback…. on track.

I don’t want to leave you, I don’t want to go
But one hand’s on the throttle, babe, and I hate movin’ slow.
Across the darkened ocean
Across the Polar snow,
Kickback…. on track.

At last… I’m back                      A   G,  Bb  F#m          [chor]
At last… I’m back                      A   G,  Bb  F#m
On track.                                     D


I don’t say it’s easy, it was no piece of cake, (but)         [low part]
I’m snug and warm in this sweet cocoon,

Hopin’ that the branch don’t break
I left a sound like thunder,
I left a big white wake.
Kickback…. on track.

The flowers bloom in England
The wine is cheap in France
I’ll buy you silk in China, babe, and take you to the dance
You’re with me as I travel,
You’re my game of chance,
Kick back… on track. 

[chorus, end]





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