Space Station Blues

Space Station Blues

     I was working on my Fairchild one day, and at lunch stopped and checked my emails. Chris had forwarded me a clip from the ISS of a friend of his playing guitar and playing a short lick of 12-bar blues. Immediately, the idea for this song jumped into my mind.

     It had to be humorous of course. No astronaut sings the blues about going to space! But I’d talked to Chris enough to have lots of material. So for the rest of that day I was intermittently turning-wrenches, and then dashing over to the workbench to scribble puns. By the time I drove the truck home I had it finished. (And I had a mechanic look over my airplane!)

     Ian Ross laid down the lead-guitar. He’s a much better player than I am.


Station Blues            E, in DADGAD     12-bar blues      ©2011 Dave & Chris Hadfield

I’m on top of the world, by 300 miles
That view is tremendous, think I’ll stay here a while
Don’t call me for coffee, don’t call me for tea
Don’t call me for dinner, don’t worry ‘bout me

Because I’m here
I’m on top of this thing
Takin’ the time to kick back
Got the world on a string

The food is monotonous, there’s nothing to drink
And chicks don’t come here, as much as you think
But I fire the rockets, and that is a blast
I throw out the dishes, and I never cut the grass


There’s a German a Prussian American Russian
And a man driftin’ by from Japan
And since none of us know how to decorate
We’re still livin’ inside a tin can … modern man.

I never go shopping, I don’t take a bath
I don’t go out much, go-on – do the math
My oil is unchanged, how about you?
Got a great big window, got a heavenly view

Chorus, repeat last line

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