Fly Lady Fly

 “Wally” Funk was one of the “Mercury 13”, who were tested, and passed, but were denied the chance to fly in space.
This song, written for the international women’s flying organization “The Ninety-Nines”, is dedicated to Wally.

Fly Lady Fly              G                         ©2021 Dave Hadfield and Chris Hadfield

Clear blue morning, sun’s on the rise                                 G-C repeated
…Open up the hangar door, pull the plane outside
Check the fuel, kick a tire                                                   Am   D
She’s a cool, 99-flyer                                                          Am   D
Fly-y, lady fly          [always repeated]                              F    C D G

Hit the primer, push the mixture rich.
…Master On, and prop to full fine pitch.
Crank the motor, hear it fire
Look closer, a 99 flyer
Fly-y, lady fly.

It was said many years ago, that this was not a woman’s place            D    C  G
But not now, as she well knows – see the smile there on her face        D    C  D

Now she lines up, hear the engine roar
…Pull back on the stick, begin to soar
Elevation getting higher

Exhilaration of the 99 flyer
Fly-y, lady fly.

Put on the white shirt, the one with 4 gold bars
…Or the spacesuit, fly this thing to Mars,
Win the race, she inspires
Aerospace is a 99 flyer
Fly-y, lady fly.

©2021 Dave Hadfield
Music composed by Dave Hadfield. Lyrics by Dave and Chris Hadfield
Lead Vocal, guitar: Dave Hadfield
Bass, Drums: Stuart Steinhart
Harmony Vocals: Kylie Martin

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