The Homebuilt

     We own and maintain a Vans RV-6a. We didn’t build it – we bought it as a fixer-upper, and later painted it. Many pilots shy-away from homebuilts, but these days it is the most vigorous segment of general aviation. Over 9000 Vans aircraft are flying. Ours is a safe and sturdy aircraft.
     It’s wonderful to be on the homebuilt side of the fence. You can do basic, common-sense maintenance on your own with no need to get a mechanic’s signature. This greatly reduces costs, and increases one’s sense of pride and involvement. Robin regained her license in our RV6a after a long lapse. She loves it, and flies it everywhere.
     The song has many farcical in-jokes, but pilots of homebuilts have a great deal of their own blood and sweat and resources invested in each airframe.
     It’s never a joke when you line up on the runway and open the throttle.


The Homebuilt                     C    3/4                  ©2014 Dave Hadfield

I am a man of my hands.                                         C    Am  [walkdown]
Don’t like being told what to do.                            F    C
I figure things out for myself                                  C   Am
Though sometimes it’s painful, it’s true.                F    G  
I’m someone who just likes to build.               
It’s Art in mechanical form.
But when I constructed an airplane
It’s then that my world was transformed.               F   G   C

A Pitts and an RV are certainly nice                          F    C
Though Cessna 150s are one third the price             G    C
Some people buy this stuff right off the shelf           F    C  Am
But I went ahead and I built it myself.                     G    C

One float is off of a Cessna.
The other is off of a Maule.
It’s true they are 2 different sizes
But a crosswind takes care of it all.
The engine is part O-360
And part of it’s 985
But the hockey-stick prop’s a-turning
And that is what keeps me alive.


But no can stop me from building,    Am  Em
And you know the best thing of all   Am  Em
Is when I line up on the runway       F   C
And then fly away from it all            Dm G
I rise up                               F  Em  Dm
And hear the call.                F  G  Am
Risk the fall.                       F    G

The rudder is not really crooked.
The paint is what’s fooling your eye.
The wings are exactly the same length
Or close enough to give ’em a try.
The ailerons go different directions
It’s what they’re required to do!
And when the wing flaps, start a flappin’
That’s simply your angle of view.



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