Canadian Tire

My brother Chris, an RCAF Test Pilot at the time, received an exchange posting with the U.S. Navy in the late 80’s. He rented a wonderful old farmhouse near Paxutent River, Maryland, and arrived there just before the movers showed up. He looked around, decided to do a little sprucing up before the furniture arrived, and hopped in the car to go buy some paint and brushes and thinner and so on.
As he started the car, he realized he didn’t know where to go! Anywhere in Canada there’s a CT within reach – a national, unifying institution. But is there such a thing in the States? He didn’t know.
He said it was so disorienting that he went back inside, unpacked his guitar, and wrote the first verse of this song. Later he played that for me, and together we tweaked and padded and trimmed. It’s not exactly an intellectual workout, but frankly I think this song is a classic, one that nearly every Canadian can relate to.
His American friends had no idea what he was singing about, but they liked the tune.

Canadian Tire          ©1996 Chris and Dave Hadfield

C                                          F              C
Seems like my life has been making a change.
F                G                C                  C7
All the old values now seem kind of strange.
F                G               C                  Am
All the old places now seem kind of weird.
D            D7               G                        G7
Heck, I go to the bar and the girls drink draft beer.
C                                       F           C
Tell me what can a guy do that’s only for men.
F                   G              C              C7
Where can a guy go to be with his friends?
F                           G                 C            Am
Well I’ve found a place to re–kindle the fire,
F          G          C
I go to Canadian Tire.
F          G                  C             C7
Canadian Tire, the last refuge of men.
F               G                     C            C7
Fondle the hardware and say hi to friends.
F               G                    C                  Am
Turtle wax, Winchesters, work boots and wire,
F          G         C
I go to Canadian Tire.
Well I went to the opera and watched the whole works.
Got a new haircut — my wife chose my shirt.
The seat was too hard and the show was a bore.
I hope nobody saw me from down at the store.
Now that Gretsky’s retired, and Magic sells shoes,
Where are Saturday’s heroes for us men to choose.
Oh turn off the TV and aim a bit higher,
And go to Canadian Tire.                               
Well I stand in the rain and I wait for the bus,
Then head to the office — I suppose ’cause I must.
There’s work on my desk in a gigantic pile,
But I’d rather spend time in the sporting goods aisle.
There’s only one problem that might lie ahead;
If this store should go broke I’d be better off dead.
So dig out your wallet and be the next buyer.
And go to Canadian Tire.
[chorus,  repeat last line, and end]
© 1996 by Chris and Dave Hadfield

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