A “Quarantune”

While locked-down in March 2020, Dave put together this music video. His brother’s and sisters added harmony vocals.
Singing together is a fine thing to do during a time of threat — for the family, and for the larger community.
(And it was great fun to wander through the photo albums.)

We Stand Together             (c)2020 Dave Hadfield

Just be happy, if you’ve got a home                            G-C     G
Just be happy, if you’re not alone                                C     G
And if you are, pick up the telephone                        C     G Em
Start talkin’, or listen                                                     C     D
Go walkin’, or fishin’                                                      G   Em
The time you think you have, you don’t own            C   D   G

We stand apart, but we stand together              C D G Em
Like players all on the field.                                   C D G
We stand apart, but we stand together              C D G Em
To win, we never can yield.                                    C D G

Take the hour, take the day.                                  [same as chorus, remainder]
Say the things you always meant to say.
Beat the rug, beat the drum.  
It ain’t simple finding simple rules of thumb.


Love your Dad, Love your Mum.
One of us should wipe the baby’s bum.
We compete, walk the street.
We have only got ourselves to beat.


There’s me, and there’s you
One of us just might have a clue
You can be the one to live up to
Come outta this whole thing, brand new.

[chorus – repeat last line, end]

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