Climbin’ Away – album

Released in July 2018, this album was 30 years in the making. The songs come from Dave’s long, successful career in aviation. From floatplanes to 777s, from rocketships to warbirds, Dave has gathered stories from his 27,000 hours in the cockpit, encapsulated the experience of Flight, and launched it straight to you.

You’d call this album ground-breaking, if it didn’t take place in the sky!

The CD Release Concert was at Oshkosh — the greatest Fly-In in the world! With brother Chris, Theater-In-The-Woods provided the most perfect place imaginable to test-fly a flying-songs album.


And it has made an impression! “SKIES” magazine used social media to gather images from pilots, and put them together in a video to accompany the song, “The Crossing“. A wonderful job, evocative and creative!



‘CLIMBIN’ AWAY’ CD can be purchased here…SHOP




DC-3 (2018 recording)

The Crossing

Chuck’s In The Air

Space Station Blues

Last Leg

On Track

Waltz With a Tiger

Ballad of William McRae

Requiem/High Flight


Big Smoke

The Homebuilt


Bush Pilot’s Song


All songs written and composed by Dave Hadfield, except “Chuck’s in the Air”, “Last Leg”, by Chris Hadfield. Poem “High Flight” by John Magee, public domain.
All songs recorded and produced by Dave Hadfield and Gary Long, at Cutting Edge Studio, Barrie, Ontario.
All songs mastered by Finesse Mastering, Barrie, ON Canada.

Artist Credits

Lead Vocals: Dave Hadfield, unless otherwise indicated
Bass Guitar:  Stuart Steinhart, unless otherwise indicated
Piano:  Marilyn Reesor
Violin: Don Reed, unless otherwise indicated
Mandolin: Emory Lester, unless otherwise indicated
Percussion effects: Ray Dillard
Cello: Alyssa Wright
Flute: Colleen Allen

DC-3 — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long.
Chuck’s In The Air — Lead Vocal: Chris Hadfield. Backup Vocals: Kylie Martin, Phil Hadfield, Dave Hadfield
Space Station Blues — Backup Vocals: Kylie Martin. Lead Guitar: Ian Ross. Drums: Steven K. Henry
Last Leg — Lead Vocal: Chris Hadfield. Backup Vocals: Kylie Martin, Phil Hadfield.
On Track — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long, Kylie Martin
Waltz With A Tiger — Backup Vocals: Kylie Martin
The Ballad of William McRae — Backup Vocals: Kylie Martin, Dave Hadfield. Snare Drum: Mike Tuzyk. Bass Drum: Gary Long
Requiem for a Pilot/High Flight — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long.
O-Dark-Thirty — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long. Drums: Gary Long.
Big Smoke — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long. Violin: Grace Constable
The Homebuilt — Backup Vocals: Rhonda Long
Bush Pilot — Bass Guitar: Ralph Johnson. Violin: Gerald Levine. Mandolin: Gerald Levine. Backup Vocals: Johanne Fischer. Cello: Della Grigsby



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