Dave is playing a Multimedia Concert Series! In 14 appearances during the winter of 2018-19, Dave is presenting his UNIQUE blend of “Songs, Slides and Stories”. Whether the material focuses on Flying, or Wilderness, Dave has dug into his personal collection of photos and videos to give audiences a wonderful experience. It’s pure story-telling, but the BONUS is that each segment tells the story behind one of Dave’s wonderful original songs, which he plays live. 





“Dave Hadfield performed for us at our February meeting. What an amazing show he puts on! So skillfully tapping in to his experiences and passions for aviation, music and family. He combines music, storytelling and video in such a way they support and enhance each other. Every aviation club and group should be looking at booking him then sit back and enjoy the show!”  Grant Lloyd, events director COPA flight 84/ Borden Flying Club


“For about 90 minutes that evening, Dave presented a concert of aviation music from his latest album, Climbin’ Away, accompanied by related stories and photos. It was an informal and conversational evening in a perfect atmosphere inside our period hangar surrounded by our vintage Yellowbirds. Dave’s original music, well-written and evocative, wove tales of modern and historic aircraft and characters together to the delight of an intrepid audience of about 50 folks who braved frigid temperatures and drifting snow to get there.”  Mary Guthrie, Canadian Historical Aircraft Association.

Dave has a vast repertoire of music. His work as a singer-songwriter has celebrated and documented the passions in his life — people, wilderness, flying; sailing, and anything that takes his fancy. In 2018 Dave has a new album “Climbin’ Away” a collection of aviation related songs. The new album is available by CD or by DIGITAL DOWNLOAD.

‘With 4 albums of his original songs, Hadfield is a singer you should have on your playlists’.

Click on the album cover. Learn the lyrics and chords for each song of the albums.









Dave also has writing credits on his brother Chris Hadfield’s album, “Songs From a Tin Can”, which was the first album ever recorded off the Planet Earth.

As a balladeer and storyteller, Dave absolutely shines. His “In Canada” music video, produced with his brother Chris Hadfield, gained a million hits in 3 days — remarkable for a wry, self-deprecating, semi-satire. But Dave rarely writes about himself directly. He creates characters, places them in interesting settings, sets in motion a story, and sometimes surprises you at the end. He never does anything quite the same way twice, but he always captures your attention. And his humour is canny, and sneaks up on you!

This video received 1 million hits in its first 3 days!

And this one won an award at the Banff Film Festival for Best Comedic Short.




In addition to his albums, Dave is front man for The Purveyors, a Barrie-based pub-band. They’ve been very popular; playing time-honoured tunes, Dave’s humorous songs, east-coast favourites, jigs and reels — a rollicking high-energy night of fun and good (sometimes loud!) music in the Celtic tradition.
Contact Dave if you’d like The Purveyors to play for you!















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