400 Waltz

I learned to drive in Ontario, then went out west for 15 years. When I returned and drove on the major 400-series highways, I noticed things had changed! Drivers were much braver than I remembered.

     I salute those who commute into Toronto every day. Their courage and endurance is remarkable. But I’d recommend they wander off to the country roads every once in a while, roll-down the window, smell the new hay, and shut the cell phone off.


The 400 Waltz       (capo 2 A)    190      © 1998 by Dave Hadfield


G                         C             Am

Not long ago I accepted a job,

        D                                    G

And moved to Toronto; the great urban blob.

                                            C                 Am

Bought me a house to the north of the town,

        D                                    G             D

And early each morning go down …. to …


       G                     C     Am

The 400 waltz, the 400 waltz,                          

      D                                  G

To say that it’s friendly is totally false.      

        G                     C     Am

The 400 waltz, the 400 waltz,            

D                                          G

Dancing with partners you hate.            



In winter the streamers come off of the lake,

And those who are dancing all learn how to skate.

They spin and they weave on their way to the town,

And never oh never slow down …. for ….


I’ve tried driving early – I’ve tried driving late.

The crowd is awaiting; it’s always my fate.

I have only ego, I don’t have a soul.

One more Fruit Loop in the bowl …. of ….


A driver I saw was a marvel to me.

He seemed to be driving miraculously.

He worked his computer, he talked on the phone,

And never once looked at the road …. of ….



One Friday evening I lingered at work.

I get absent minded, I felt like a jerk.

The highway was stopped with Muskoka – bound cars.

I wished I was driving on Mars …. not ….


[chorus-last line changes


2- I wish I was driving a tank

3- Thank god that most are unarmed

4- I’m balding as fast as my tires

5- I wish I was driving on Mars]




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