CLIMBIN’ AWAY – Digital Download


Magnificent wonderful collection over flying songs, written throughout Dave’s 30,000 hrs of flying around the world.  With the wind in his face flying vintage bi-planes, up-side-down in aerobatic airplanes, WWII warbirds, to the airlines 777, flying north over the poles, crossing all the oceans, and seeing the world from a unique perspective, Dave’s songs reflect his life around airplanes.

Dave’s brother Chris Hadfield, with his more unique experience as an F-18 Test Pilot in the military, astronaut, and Commander of the International Space Station, shares his love of songwriting and aviation. Chris’ original songs are included in Climbin’ Away.



Dave is offering Climbin’ Away by Digital download.  
Once we receive confirmation of your purchase for the digital content, we will send you the download link with your personal code to download the songs at your leisure.