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Grandma’s Song

Grandma’s Song – 4:26 – Mary-Louise Taylor was the most hard-working woman I ever met. She grew up on a farm near Teaswater that her grandparents cleared as homesteaders – and when she was small they still lived in the house with her! (Later, when my daughter Kelly had a school project about “Pioneers”, and asked me for info, I suggested she call Grandma – she was one.) They were self-sufficient, self-reliant, thrifty, church-going people who built things that lasted.

My sister Pat sings harmony on this song – we all wanted to contribute to a song about the lady we loved and admired so much.


Grandma’s Song                   D                           ©1998 Dave Hadfield

Grandma was a teacher, she taught all of her life.
Hard-working lady, mother and wife.
One of a kind to all, the people she met,
And part of our lives even yet.

Grandma was a farmer, spent her life on the land.
Started with nothing, but her love, and her hands,
And no one I know could work harder than she,
But she was always Grandma, for me.

Love grows, and the hard work shows.
There’s a house on a hill at the end of the lane,
Still full, and loved by those,
Who come back there for Grandma again.

Grandma was a sister, born the 8th, out of ten,
Up in north Bruce County, and each one was a friend.
Growing up strong with those who first cleared the land,
And sharing a dream that was grand.

Grandma was a prayer, a simple trust in the Lord.
Go to church on Sunday, sing the hymns, feel restored.
And later in life, after Grandpa had gone,
It gave her the strength to go on.

[chorus, then last line 2 more times]