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Vintage Wings

P-40 1

The only thing wrong with flying is that the gas tanks empty out, and then you have to land. Or, if you’re in a glider, the sun goes down and then same thing. So I fly for a living, fly our private aircraft for fun, and also volunteer to fly aircraft at 2 museums. Someday I’ll get enough.

Until I get a chance to work on this site in more detail, I fly many of the aircraft on this site including the Curtiss P-40N Kittyhawk IV, and the Hawker Hurricane IV.

Here’s a video taken by Jay Hunt of a flight we did on Nov 11, 2012. The Spitfire was flown by John Aitken. Most of the flight is flown in loose-formation, staging for a run-in over a Remembrance Day cenotaph ceremony. The John peels-off to Land, and Jay and I go out to the practice area to have fun in the airplane.