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Practical Bush Gear

a grub box can be a central item of travelling gear. Its looks are against it, I know, but it’s tremendously handy on the trail. You open the lid and prop it level on a rock or stake or on two of the containers from inside, and there you have a complete kitchen. Read More

my small portable wood stove weighs 11 pounds, including the stove pipe. It’s a practical, ethical, multipurpose way to be comfortable in the bush. As well as being used in a wall tent set–up, it’s practical with a Campfire tent or other lean–to. It’s the only proper way to go winter travelling. It heats the air, drys your gear, and cooks your food. Read More

fishing rods are a nuisance in a canoe. They’re always getting snagged on tree branches, stepped on, left behind; they hook packs and bodily extremities more often than fish, they occupy valuable hand space on portages, and your novice bow–paddler learning how to cast with one is a positive menace.  Read More

New! Modification suggested!….hauling is hard work. Every opportunity to make it easier and simpler should be taken advantage of. This toboggan, based on a used set of downhill skis  is simple, cheap, practical to make and pulls easier than any of the many designs I’ve tested over the years…  Read More