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I Cannot Sleep

I Cannot Sleep – 4:14 – This song is unusual for me, a song about feelings and emotions. It’s fiction, but everyone has something in their past that evokes the song’s understanding of regret, and lost opportunities. It’s a universal touchstone; sad but part of the human continuum.

Paul Mills wrote the haunting, pure, heart-bustingly-beautiful 3-part string arrangement (2 violins by Don Reed, cello Alyssa Wright), and I never get tired of listening to the way it moves and weaves.


I Cannot Sleep           ©2006 Dave Hadfield

I lie awake, and wonder if you,
Like me, lie awake too,
Miles away, in separate beds,
Thinking over, all that was said… and
Words made you bleed,
(some of them true)
Now I cannot sleep, thinking of you.

I can remember, feeling so fine,
When your eyes moved, to meet mine.
A message would pass, with no word at all.
A smile, a spark, and your thoughts would call, to me,
Over the room…
Between we two.
Now I cannot sleep, thinking of you.

I cannot sleep… I toss and turn.
Sometimes I’m cold, and sometimes I burn.
And sometimes I wonder, if I have done,
The right thing at all,
Never a letter… never a call [instrumental]

So I lie awake, and wonder again,
Where we, might meet, and when.
How would that go, could I make you smile?
Yeah, maybe, but after a while,
What could I say, after all we’ve been through?
But I cannot sleep, thinking of you.