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Cradle Song

Cradle Song – 3:04 – A few years ago in my extended family there were three male babies all born within a month. It put me in mind of my own son’s birth. He’s long since flown from the nest (literally: he’s an airline pilot now), but when I recall the touch of a newborn’s skin, the clutch of a grasping finger, and a parent’s feeling of pride and hope, I’m transported back.

No first-time parent ever feels quite ready I believe, yet we all have the same wonder, the same vision of a new life and a fresh new start.


Cradle Song (for Taylor, Aaron and Andrew)      [DADGAD]      ©2000 Dave Hadfield

There you are, asleep in the cradle
That I joined and built,
With my own 2 hands.
All the world’s an unwritten label on a jar full,
Of unwritten plans.

You don’t know how I’m longing to see,   [chorus]
What kind of man you will be.
But now I could keep just watching you sleep,
While everything changes for me.

There you are, asleep in the covers
and here, for now,
You don’t make a sound.
But if you do we (who once were just lovers)
Will come to the rescue,  charging around.

And I know this time won’t last.
Your world is all so vast.
One speed, and that’s full blast.
Grow strong, but not too fast

Here we are father and mother and I wish I knew,
Much more than I do,
Starting out (a time like no other), but we’re ready to learn,
The lessons with you.


There you are, asleep in the cradle and we see you changing day by day,
So we’ll try (as much as we’re able) to gather this moment,
And lock it away…….