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The Skin I’m In

This latest recording from Dave Hadfield was produced with Canadian music legend Paul Mills in 2008. These very original and creative songs deal with a wide variety of subjects, from classic story songs, humourous looks at daily life, and favourite family songs. Some of the songs are personal and private, some bold and startling. All are written by Dave, with the one exception being a contribution from Chris Hadfield, Dave’s Astronaut brother.

They all mark a time and a place and a story. They all take you away….

“I’ve been a huge fan of David Hadfield’s singing and song song writing abilities for many years. It’s obvious he has a passion for wilderness travel – but more than that, it’s obvious he continus to spend a lot of time out there enjoying it as well. Listen to “Shield” from his Northern Breeze album or “Gyproc Box” from Wilderness Waltz and you’ll understand my point. David truly understands the lure of the north. His talents go beyond the woods, however. Check out the album “The Skin I’m In.” This isn’t the usual collection of wilderness travel tunes; its more of a creative assembly that shows David’s versatility – something I admire in an artist.”

Kevin Callan, author, film-maker, explorer

  1. 47 Channel

  2. Depth Perception

  3. Cradle Song

  4. I Cannot Sleep

  5. Emily’s Barn

  6. Fancy Dancer

  7. 400 Waltz

  8. I Sing To My Daughter

  9. Annabelle Lee

  10. Prairie Graveyard Waltz

  11. Grandma’s Song

  12. The Skin I’m In

  13. Fighters of the Fire

  14. Weekend in the Summer