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Feet Up – Songs From a Tin Can, by Dave & Chris Hadfield

In another in a wonderful series of lifetime Firsts, brother Chris Hadfield recorded the first ‘live’ album from space. Recorded while Chris was the Commander of the International Space Station, the music was released his Space Album, ‘Songs From a Tin Can.’

Many of these songs were co-written by Dave. This one, “Feet Up”, is just one of the songs on the CD ‘Songs from a Tin Can’

“What an honour, to be creatively involved with the first album, the first coherent works of art ever to be created off the Planet Earth!” – Dave

Feet Up       		(D)            [very freely]              	©2012 Chris and David Hadfield

Intro: syncopated D G D G, wrist hammer

Can’t put my feet up D G Can’t hold my lunch down D A Turning the sound up D G I start to spin round D A Can’t stand on my own 2 feet Bm G I just float away D A Took a ride in the hot hot seat Bm G Now I’m ready to play (far away) D A … D G D A It is a wild ride – you’d better hold on tight We’re on the upside, Baby that sounds all right Where we’re going you cannot run – everyone sees There’s a lot that we have not done, but, it’s working for me And I don’t turn left and D I don’t turn right and G I don’t slow down anymore D A I don’t climb up and D I can’t fall down and G My feet aren’t touching the floor (round once more) D A Em F#m G D Em F#m G A This is the long trail – though I’ve taken many trips Cast off and raise sail, hanging on by my fingertips Houston I feel fine – the mission is go Do a thousand front flips, who’ll ever know? CHORUS, twice